About documents


  1. Requirements to translation and Legalization of Documents to be presented ABROAD:

Certificate for birth, marriage, family status, permanent address, death certificate, Identity of names, for family relations and next of kin, inheritance all Certificates must be duplicates (not originals!) or in rare cases could be copies verified by Municipality Authorities issuing them (notary certified copies of these Documents can not be legalized!). Each of this type Documents must be stamped with the rectangular seal of issuing Municipality certifying the authenticity of the signature and the seal on the document.

  • Certificate for enrollment and study in the document must be completed the faculty, the specialty, the year of enrollment, duration, study qualifications which you are training to and the reason it will serve you to; Certificate from Primary or Secondary School for displacement this document must be signed not only by the Class Head but also by the Director of the School.
  • Diploma for Secondary education, Diploma from College, Diploma for higher education, Application to diploma for higher education, Academic Reference, Diploma for Postgraduate training (including and issued by Medical Schools) we advise you to represent us the original document, which after its thanlstion will be returned back to you. If despite ot this worning you deside to bring us a notary certified copy, we would like to pay your attention that the seal of the educational school must be visible exclusively clear and the signatures of the Director or Rector and the Dean must must be made manually (stamps with signatures of persons are not acceptable). It is strictly recommended always to make the copy on photo mode, or in some cases use a color copy. In academic reports requirements must be completed as at assurance for study.
  • Certificate for Conviction on the document must be two signatures the signature of the judge and the signature of the Secretary and a stamp of the respective Regional Court; court decision for registration of Company, Certificate of Registered Circumstances – must be with visible wet/ fresh/ blue signature of judge and a wet stamp (notary certified copies not acceptable), and If the document was signed by the Registrar of the Court there must be also written the Registrars full names; proxy or declaration the signatures of the Authorizeror the Declarantmustthat be notarycertified.
  • Medical Certificate for work in a foreign country all your data must be completed at the beginning of the document. You have to pass all examinations, including for Wasserman and HIV because there is a possibility the document to be rejected at the entry of the country of destination even after documents legalization excluded them; vaccination passport of a child(a Health Booklet of the Child does not legalized) it must be completed with all currently madeimmunizations.
  • Banking certificate-whenit isissued by yourbank, you must explain to the Bank that the Certificate is to be served for translationandLegalizationforabroad.
  • Certificates issued by the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice: Certificate for Registered circumstances, Certificate for entered circumstances and others. These Certificates must have a rectangular stamp of the Registry Agency, certifying its authenticity. The Stamp is obtained in the Agency after filing an application.
  • Tax Returns, Certificate of residence, Certificate of liabilities is issued by the Departmental Directorate of the NRA and necessarily indicate that it will be necessary for representation abroad. In the NRA must sign the document and to bear it with a rectangular stamp to approve the authenticity of the document.

Dear CUSTOMERS, when you receive relevant documents it is strictly required and recommended to check the correctness of the all data and names in them, for the reason to avoid errors because we can not make any changes in and on documents or to change any data when translate them.

  1. 2. Requirements to translation and Legalization of Documents, COMING FROM ABROAD:

All documents coming from foreign country to Bulgaria, regardless of the nature they are, independently they are originals or copies, all documents should be supplied with Apostille for the reason fo be translated and the translation to be verified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are two Exceptions:

  • documents coming from countries, Republic Bulgaria has a Legal Support Agreement with: The List includes all former socialist countries, all former Soviet Republics without Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, all former Yugoslav Republic, France, Austria, Russia, Libya, Iraq, Tunisia. These documents can be legalized without Apostille, but compulsory the documents must be Originals and with original Recent signatures and Stamps of the State instance issued.
  • documentscomingfromCanada, Kuwait, China, India-musthave an original Stamp of Bulgarian Embassyin the relevantcountry.

Important: Consular Department to MFA does not certify translations of Documents made abroad. The translation of the document must be done again in Bulgaria.

In many countries to the Document the translation is attached and then Apostille is applied. This document will be considered irregular because the Apostille must be beared on the document itself.