Services and Prices



Standard text – normal complexityGroups of Languages (From 1 to 5) Specialized text – increased due terminilogy complexity
English Spanish Polish Turkish Swedish Medical
German Italian Czech Greek Danish Technical
French Ukrainian Albanian Norwegian Legal
Russian Belorussian Romanian Dutch Economic
Serbian Moldovan Estonian
Croatian Slovenian Arabic and others
Macedonian Slovak Georgian
Portuguese Hungarian Armenian
Latvian Japanese
Lithuanian Mongolian
Type of Order Price in BGN/ 1 page (1800 characters/ page – 30 lines /page X 60 characters/line) translation with a space between words.Price excl. VAT / Price incl. VAT Additional copy
Regular Order Within 3 working days 11.00 /13.20 13.00 / 15.60 16.00 / 19.20 18.00 / 21.60 28.00 / 33.60 + 25% for complexity x BGN 0.20/p.
Quick Orderwithin 24 hours 14.00 / 16.80 15.00 / 18.00 18.60 / 22.32 19.20 / 23.04 36.00 / 43.20 +50% for complexity x BGN 0.20/p
Express Orderwithin 12 hours 19.00 / 22.80 18.00 / 21.60 20.40 / 24.48 21.40 / 25.68 40.00 / 48.00 +100% for complexity x BGN 0.20/p


Discounts for volume (Only for the languages ??of the First Group of Regular Order):

From 51 to 100 pages – 5% (Group I BGN 10.45/page)

From 101 to 150 pages – 10% (Group I BGN 9.90/page)

Over 150 pages – 12% (Group I BGN 9.68/page)


Processing on provided by the customer text:

Editing, correcting the text: BGN 6.00/7.20 per 1 page

Translating a text in Power Point format BGN 7.00/8.40 per 1 slide

Translating graphics and images from PDF Format BGN 1.00/1.20 per 1 graphic image


Note: Orders for editing and correcting are only accepted for texts with normal complexity – literary texts, correspondence, certificates of registration, approval, training, academic transcripts, diplomas, applications, permits, juridical entities registry certificates and others.





Translation from a boot at the time of speaking. Performed by a team of two interpreters per language.

Price for translation team: per hour on request. The request should be send at least 14 days in advance.


The Translation follows the speech of the speaker at meetings, negotiations and seminars. Performed by one or two interpreters, depending on time and nature of the event.

Price for a translator: per hour on request.

Price for two translators: per hour, on request.

The request should be send at least 14 days in advance.


Accompaniment and assistance within a travel or an event, which require knowledge of the situation and local language.

Price per translator: 20 EUR / hour.

The request should be send at least 14 days in advance.

Important information:

The time in which the interpreter is engaged by you included in the price, whether there is a genuine translation or not.

The cost of verbal interpreting is calculated based on hours worked for each commenced hour. Translators commitments are taken with a minimum duration one hour.


For more than eight working hours per day the charged price will increase, which shall be agreed with the Customer preliminary.


In commitment for more than one day, the Customer will use a price discount by mutual agreement.



For the reason to be recognized in Bulgaria, a document issued by a foreign country and vice versa, for the reason a Bulgarian document to be recognized in an another country, it must BE TRANSLATED AND LEGALIZED.


The translation must be performed by a CERTIFIED TRANSLATOR working to an authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs TRANSLATION AGENCY. The relevant document (for legalization) or its notarized copy, shall be attached with the translation done on company letterhead and stamped with its seal.


Process of Legalization consists in: the translation itself and the target document to be certified by various State Institutions (depending on the document) confirming the authenticity of the signature and seal on the document. For all Bulgarian documents to be presented abroad, among all other certifications it is also necessary to be certified by the Consular Department of the Foreign Ministry. Detailed information about which documents how should be legalized is given in Section „Legalization“.


PRICES AND TERMS for legalization of one document with APOSTILLE are defined by theTariff of the Consular Department of the Foreign Ministry and depends on the type of document
Document Type Regular service8 days in BGN Quick service6 days in BGN Express service3 days in BGN
Birth certificate 45 60 80
Marriage Certificate 45 60 80
Certificate of marital status, identity of names, heritance and next of kin 45 60 80
Medical certificate 53 68 88
Bank certificate, Bank reference 50 65 80
Certificate of conviction 40 60 80
Proxy, Declaration, Statement, judgment, Deed 45 60 80
Academic Transcript 45 60 80
Diploma od Seconday Education 45 60 80
Diploma of Higher Education 45 60 80
Diploma Supplement for higher education 45 60 80
Assurance of higher education 45 60 80
Baptismal Certificate 70 85 104
Certificate for professional competence/ qualification 43 51 65
Tax certificate, Annual Tax Return 45 60 80
Quality certificate, Approved product type Certificate, Certificate of origin, of measurement 45 60 80
Sanitary permit 45 60 80
Certificate of NSSI service 45 60 80
Certificate from the Ministry of Interior 45 60 80
Business certificates and divorce decision 45 60 80
Statute of the company 45 60 80
Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors and Founding and General Meetings of GMP and GMS 45 60 80
Contracts of the company 45 60 80
Invoices of the company 45 60 80
Balance sheet of the company 45 60 80
Auditor’s Report 45 60 80
Extract from the labour service record 45 60 80
Certificate of Military Office 45 60 80
Translation verification of documents FROM ABROAD 45 55 65
For documents and translations consisting of more pages for translation From / TO other languages

for quick or express order

additional amount should be charged for performing the translation according to the tariffs for language translation of the text type.


All Prices excluded VAT



Note. Information which documents and where should certify is given in Section „Legalization“.