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„LANEX Group“ Ltd. is a licensed TRANSLATION AGENCY and according to the Rules of legalization, certification and translation of documents and other papers, the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents and according the Regulations of the concluded by Bulgaria Agreements for legal assistance providing Legalization of documents release in 2004 the Agency has signed a bilateral contract under 810/2004 (Updated under 2083/2013) with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria ( www.mfa.government.bg) for making translations of documents from Bulgarian language into/ and from foreign languages ??into Bulgarian language.

A team of linguists with many years of experience guarantee the quality of the written and verbal translations from and into 36 different language pairs.

Sector „Certification and legalization“ of „Consular Relations“ Direcorate to MFA verifies the translations done by the of „LANEX Group“ Ltd sworn translators on the companys letterhead and beared its seal.

Increasing of the volume of documents, business and tender paperwork and shortening the terms of the served and accomplished by „LANEX Group“ Ltd. team orders, have carved the differentiation of a specialized unit within the structure of the company a Division „LANEX TRANSLATOR“.
Working in a dynamic electronic information exchange,dynamic internet electronic services market and based on the excellent language knowledge and skills background of Bulgarian and extern foreign translators, interpreters, philologists and consultants, the team of „LANEX TRANSLATOR“ serves many years Bulgarian State Authorities and Government, Foreign Embassies and Consulates, Commercial Associations, foreign juridical entitles with a business in Bulgaria, several Translation agencies abroad and aims to prove itself as a worthy part of the circuit representation of Bulgaria in business, culture and achievements of Europe and Globe. Bulgarian and foreign companies are using services of „LANEX TRANSLATOR“ in their daily activities and the Company became a transpired part of their working schedule and process.

If you are looking for your partner in business and for translation you will find information about the metod of translation into desired language of your documentation designed for your foreign boss, partner, contractor, supplier, sponsor, commercial representative or State office.

Experts on „Translation“ in „LANEX TRANSLATOR“ will adopt and classifiy documents to be translated, will select the best interpreter for your language pair translation, they will be responsible also for formatting and keeping deadlines for implementation. The organizers additionally will inform you as to the requirements of the Bulgarian State institutions in the legalization in Bulgaria of documents issued abroad. Experts on „Translation Quality“ will ensure your translation to be „accurate and correct“ in terms of style, grammar, phraseology, etymology and orphography in that language. „LANEX TRANSLATOR“ couriers will deliver your documents at specified by the Customer time and place.

Our professional interpreters will do their best to render your unique style and apperiance during bilateral and multilateral meetings and negotiations, company presentations, seminars, cultural events, fairs, exhibitions, foreign delegations visits and professionals and businessmen. business trips etc

We provide our clients with comprehensive integrated services in the field of translation and legalization of documents:

  • with specialized translations;
  • certification of documents in all Bulgarian State institutions and foreign Missions and Cnsulates of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Legalization in „Consular Relations“ Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • delivery of translated documents via email, fax or courier;
  • technical and specialized translations performed by professionals, translations from certified sworn translators, express translations within 12 hours depending on the order volume and language, complex translation of guidebooks, manuals, literary translations, translations with full graphics processing;
  • verbal accompanying translations, consecutive and simultaneous translations, translation with accompanying services during travel outside the country or ability to provide a local translator- native speaker of the language of the related country, translations over the phone, etc;
  • notarization of documents;
  • proofreading, style and editing;
  • formatting layout, assembly and strung through important documents
  • delivery of translated documents to the Customer using express services couriers Speedy, Rapido,DHL, Federal Express, TNT and BULPOST within the country and abroad;
  • honesty, discretion and confidentiality commitments in translation
  • multimedia and sound equipment
  • places, halls and rooms rent for events
  • accommodation, animation, of inland transport for participants
  • reservations for international travel by different modes of transport
  • rent-a-car, driver and accompanying person for translation within Bulgaria and abroad
  • organizing of any eventin Bulgaria and abroad
  • NEW: Tender documentations for Public Procurement Procedures in Bulgaria and abroad

The Company has developed and since 2009 maintains a System for Quality Management in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and DIN EN 15038 EU Standarts.


In our daily work we use the most advanced translation software, terminology and formatting compliance of the projects. All employees have been trained and received certificates in SDL TRADOS 2014 and SDL TRADOS 2015.

Our Mission is to alleviate maximum our individual and corporate clients in their daily foreign language written and verbal communication, their personal and company documents.

We want everyone to understand you!

For your event, business trip, travel and vacation please visit our website for tourism – www.lanextours.com and www.lanex.ge